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Trendy Tenerife: The New Nomad Hotspot

When I landed in Tenerife, I had no idea I was going to embark on my new career journey.

I'd been writing personally for years, normally under online aliases or hasty sentences, jotted down in many notebooks.

I found writing therapeutic. Shock. That's a sentence that's been uttered a million times.

Maybe it was my history of MSN conversations that sparked my love to communicate via written word. Maybe my anxiety stemmed from high school bullying that stopped me from speaking my feelings.

Filters before it was cool

Either way, this blog has landed me a total of 4 freelance writing gigs. I wrote about Social Media. Then, an article about Morning Manifestations, and even one for my astrology obsession - Moon Signs. I started getting paid. I actually got contacted for collaborations.

It was surreal.

Writing has felt like a far away idealistic lifestyle, ever since Carrie Bradshaw lived a millionaires life on a weekly paper column. I had friends who blogged (aka 'influenced'). They had thousands of followers. They'd been working at it for years. Who was I to try this late?

Then again, why not? It's funny how things shape. I started working out how much to charge. How long articles would take. What I enjoyed to write about, and what filled me with dread.

But the best part, was that it was working. I'd taken a chance on it. I felt my imposter syndrome kicking in when I shared things. I was so afraid of what people thought.

I'm still working on that.

My last article, I was contacted about writing a digital nomad guide to Tenerife. It was my longest article to date, almost 8000 words required. It wasn't done through a platform, I had no payment protection. It would take me almost two weeks to complete.

Lunch breaks by the beach

I typed the last sentence out and sent it over Facebook, crossing my fingers I'd get my full pay check at the end of it (my biggest pay check yet). And... it was approved. I got my payment in 24 hours.

A digital nomad guide to Tenerife. If you want to find out how to move to the island I spent 40 wonderful days, where to go, what to do, how to get around, you can read my words here.

It's live, and they've even booked me for another city. Can you believe it? It's for Auckland, my birthplace. Guess it's time to make some long distance calls....

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