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We're Live

What a cool feeling to start something once more.

So many changes come into our lives without us even acknowledging. I feel so much like I get swept up in routine, ticking boxes, and rushing - it's hard to step back.

Starting new things get a bad reputation.

'What's your hobby this week?'

Honour your new interest. Feel gratitude that you have found something to make you happy.

In an effort to turn my interest into my career, here comes this website.

A week after my 29th birthday. I'm in Manchester, and it's raining again. COVID has affected every aspect of 2020. I'm stuck in the UK, a visa ending in November with no way to get home. I've found some last minute work that has kept me afloat for two months. It should tie me over for 6 weeks before my departing flight to Athens.

I scored a free yoga class today. So needed, despite the lack of connection and meditation allowed. The Rona, she's ruthless. A coffee and then an argument in the afternoon.

I'll set up the backdrop tonight, my shifts at 8am tomorrow. Despite being at home, I'll need to be camera-ready. Tough. Time to get out the overnight tan.

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