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Terrific Tenerife: Healthy Eating

As my visa ended at the end of November, with Boris announcing the ban on international flights, I was stuck. I spent the last good few months planning a winter trip around the Balkans up into Europe, and almost overnight, the plans vanished in front of me.

I jumped on the phone to EasyJet, and dug into my wallet to find the only place I could travel to, where I could get back if needed. The answer: Tenerife. A small Spanish island off the coast of Africa. It has mountains, forests, deserts and beaches. It has been a filming location for a Bond movie and a Fast & Furious movie, almost like it's from another planet.

As I was finally in the sunshine for the first time in around a year, I threw myself back into what I loved to do: the Ocean. Sleeping in, lounging by the beach, cold beers & healthy eating.

I remained majorly south, and spent a while looking for great restaurants to try. I contributed my findings to the Cha Siu Papers Times, and online Luxury magazine from Hong Kong. If you're interested to read about some of the awesome meals I had, check it out here:

And now, the food images, are you ready to drool?

Make sure you click on over to the link above to read a bit more about the meals and foods in South Tenerife. This is part one on my experience in Tenerife, stay tuned for more details about the areas, what to do, and some of my life epitomes whilst stranded for a few weeks!

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