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Moon Signs: Your Soul & Your Passions

I wrote this a few months ago, at the beginning of my full-time freelance career. I've been captured by astrology for years - studying birth charts and transits, as well as the moon and planet phases. The concept of a birth chart fascinates me. Right now, there's either a moon or sun above you - and the remaining planets hidden in the sky, away from view. When you were born, they were all in a specific spot in the sky - and they all have a part to play in the person you are today.

Blonde girl in English Pub, Liverpool FC Scarf
Feeding my Sag Moon - by Travelling

I want to disclaimer this by saying that there is the Nature vs Nurture debate, and astrology, like many other personality studies - isn't a band-aid solution. There are many factors at play, but more often than not, at least one thing runs true.

Many astrologers believe in the big three - your sun, your moon and your rising. I like to communicate with novices that you are half one (your sun) and half another (your moon).

The moon was in place at the time of your birth - it has determined a huge chunk of your soul. The moon is dark, it is hidden, it is what is kept down inside you. When you remember that the moon affects the oceans and that humans are 60% water - she's gotta be doing something!

The moon is notoriously known as your feminine energy, balancing the masculine sun. It is the yin & yang you may know about. More often than not, women feel and are affected by her more so than men. In her phases, she can affect a woman's hormones, her emotions and her outlook.

What’s my Moon Sign?

Every 2-3 days, the Moon changes its place, or 'sign'. Your moon sign is determined by the time and place of your birth. Find out this information and input it into the many free birth chart sites available online. My favourite is

Once you have pressed ‘submit’ you will get a table. You should receive a personal reading for each element, and then it’s up to you to look into each sign and how it relates to one another. There's a great free app called Co-Star (, which send you daily chart updates (similar to a horoscope), based on the chart information you give. You can get your friends to download it too and check your compatibility. You can also go to a professional astrologer, or if you’re an Instagram fan, follow some pages specialising in free ‘mini-readings' in the form of posts.

Capricorn Moon

Aquarius Moon

Pisces Moon

Aries Moon

Taurus Moon

Gemini Moon

Cancer Moon

Leo Moon Virgo Moon

Libra Moon

Scorpio Moon

Saggitarius Moon

What do I do with this?

Finding out your Moon sign is helpful to what sets your soul on fire. As you explore the 'dark, hidden' side of you, you will see yourself opened up to many opportunities.

I'm a Sagittarius moon, one that is passionate about freedom and seeing the bigger picture. She is curious about unveiling life's mysteries and learns by interacting with others. We're also are the self-appointed 'entertainment' of the party, and like to connect via humour and debauchery. My Sag Moon is balanced with my careful, organised Virgo Sun. But hey, birth charts can be another article.

Capricorn Moon

A Capricorn’s symbol is the goat, a life source for small villagers worldwide. Capricorns are reliable, headstrong, stubborn & enjoy working.

They are an Earth sign, which means they are straight-forward and down to earth. Capricorn Moons feel secure when they are successful in their work, achieving high social statuses and progressing professionally. They are natural born leaders, ruled by hard-working Saturn, but they are rarely satisfied with themselves.

Capricorn Moons spend their lives trying not to let their emotions rule them. They struggle to handle big emotional outbursts, which can make them appear detached. In quite the opposite, they loved being relied on, and will be loyal and loving in their own ways.

Aquarius Moon

An Aquarius symbol is the water-bearer, a mystical healer. Despite two water related elements to their sign, they are an air sign which confuses even the most professional astrologers!

As an air sign, they have big dreams, aspirations and goals. It can be hard for an Aquarius to see the full picture, as they get caught up in their own minds. Aquarius Moon’s find their mystical symbol coming through in every aspect of their lives. They value ‘being different’, wanting to set the trends, not abide by them. They are rebellious, quirky and independent.

Aquarius Moons are very open-minded, and they are the most humanitarian of the moon signs – they love to help others. However, they are one of the least emotional of the signs. They will help others from an analytical standpoint, rather than providing emotional support. As a result of this alongside their need to be different, Aquarius Moons can give off a ‘detached’ personality.

Pisces Moon

A Pisces symbol is a school of fish, a fantastic way to explain this free-flowing and easy-moving sign.

A Pisces is the oldest sign of the zodiac, so you may find Pisces Moons have ‘old-souls’, tapping into the emotional needs of others, almost intuitively. A natural empathetic, they are easily influenced by the moods of others, which can drain them.

Pisces are water signs, meaning they are quite sensitive. As they are so ruled by the emotions of themselves and others, Pisces Moons like to express themselves creatively – in the form of painting, writing – any form of art. Pisces are romantic and extremely dreamy, they find themselves in their ‘own-world’ a lot of the time, which can mean they are unorganised or lazy in the physical world.

Aries Moon

Aries’ are the most passionate and aggressive sign, making their symbol - the Ram - highly appropriate for their qualities.

A go-getter, charging at everyone and everything, Aries Moons can scare others with their aggressive nature. They are a fire sign, so they are expressive and courageous with anything they choose to do. They are resilient, and while if they find themselves in a bad mood, it will pass rather quickly – after the need to yell, scream or get physical.

With so much pent-up fiery energy, Aries Moons can find themselves frustrated quite easily – acting impulsively to keep them occupied. Aries Moons need to practise emotional regularity more than other signs (like meditation), to keep themselves level.

Taurus Moon

A Taurus symbol is the bull. A serene, quiet animal that keeps to itself, but will not be afraid to react if something upsets it.

Another earth sign, the Taurus Moon values stability and home comforts. They are extremely materialistic, valuing filling their home with luxury items, to ensure they lounge, relax, and eat, the right way. Taurus’s are extremely stubborn, so while they are loyal, stable and trustworthy, they will fight you tooth and nail to be right.

As Taurus’s focus their time and energy on home comforts, you may find they are lazy. They are entirely comfortable in their own home, with expensive food and comfy beds at their disposal. They can spend entire weeks at home, or sneak out of events early, to be in their own space. However, if they do find themselves out socially, they are relatable, comfortable and have a serene energy which people gravitate towards.

Gemini Moon

A Gemini symbol is the twin. They often have two completely different sides to their personality, and when you meet them, you’ll either see one or the other, or if you’re lucky (or unlucky!), you’ll experience one of the famous Gemini mood swings.

A Gemini’s favourite thing to do is communicate. They are the biggest talkers of the zodiac, with a huge value on social discussions on everything and anything. As an air sign, they are often talking about emotions, rather than grounding and feeling them. They are eternally optimistic, and love to be a social butterfly.

As Gemini Moons are naturally divided, as well as constantly socialising and communicating, they can be scatter-brained. With a value on getting their information from others rather than themselves, they are constantly processing. It can mean they are moody, restless and distracted.

Cancer Moon

A Cancer symbol is the crab – hard outer shell, with a soft interior. A cancer is a water sign, so it is ruled by emotions and can be accused of not being rational.

They are another empathetic sign, feeling happy when they can emotionally support the needs of others – being a shoulder to cry on, or a helpful ear to listen. Cancers value the emotional needs around their family, home and friends – so they are very hospitable, and can almost predict what you need before you do.

A Cancer moon spends most of their life caring for others, so it can come across as overwhelming or smothering to some. It is important to remember as a Cancer to have other outlets – creative preferably – rather than others, so they can keep their emotions manageable and not be taken for granted.

Leo Moon

A Leo symbol is the lion – a fearless leader of the jungle, with a great mane to match!

Leo Moons are warm and welcoming, friendly and positive. As a fire sign, they have a lot of passionate energy, which quite often comes out in the form of love for others. A Leo Moon will love receiving and giving attention with the ones they love. A slightly insecure sign, Leo requires frequent reassurance that they are loved and appreciated.

As a Lion is a leader of the jungle, a Leo moon may find themselves naturally dominating conversations and relationships. Boatsful and bursting with pride, their ego can be fragile and never satisfied – which can be exhausting for their partners and friends to continue to feed.

Virgo Moon

A Virgo’s symbol is the virgin – pure, clean and feminine.

A Virgo is a self-sufficient, independent and dedicated sign. They are an Earth sign, making them analytical, detailed and focused on the now. Another hard-working sign, a Virgo is quiet and reserved, happy to be working and assisting others in the background, not so much being a fan of the spotlight.

With a virgin as their symbol, Virgos are very clean and organised. They are extremely health conscious, liking nutrient rich food, keeping themselves, their bodies and others polished. A Virgo moon can find their heads overthinking a lot of the time, which means they can be overly critical of themselves and others. As they constantly are focused on their health, they can find their self-esteem quite low if they’re not ‘perfect’. A Virgo needs to be reminded that no one is perfect, and our imperfections make us unique.

Libra Moon

A Libra’s symbol is the Scales of Justice – balanced and peaceful.

A Libra Moon will hate any form of conflict or anger in their lives. They don’t enjoy arguing and would prefer everyone to live in peace around them. They are extremely emotionally dependent on others, so Libra moons may have plenty of friends and family, to keep them surrounded by love at all times.

With their strict need for balance, combined with their need for others, means Libra moons can be indecisive. As they listen to all sides of every story, every need of all of their many friends, they may find themselves at stalemates – from everything from where to eat dinner, to what career they should choose.

Scorpio Moon

A Scorpio symbol is the Scorpio (funny that!) – a dark, mysterious creature with a spicy sting!

A Scorpio is the most intense emotional sign of the zodiac. They are a water sign, so they have all the qualities of the other water signs – run by their heart, not their head, with a risk of their emotions consuming them. However, a Scorpio remains different. They are the only water sign which keeps their emotions to themselves, with a huge fan of privacy.

A Scorpio moon is a hard person to get to know. They are secretive and closed off from others, not sharing almost any of their thoughts. It can be frustrating to others, who just want to help the Scorpio. However, if a Scorpio moon opens up and lets others in, they are extremely loyal and loving. They will put your needs above others and be a calm advisor in times of stress – but don’t break a Scorpio Moons trust, or you will feel that sting, quite often in the form of a lifelong non-forgiveness.

Sagittarius Moon

A Sagittarius symbol is the Centaur or Archer, the half-human half-horse mythological creature, usually with a bow & arrow, arrow pointing upwards. This symbolises the Sagittarius unwavering positive attitude.

A Sagittarius is an independent, free mover, with a thirst for knowledge and learning. They are friendly, entertaining, spontaneous and the life of the party. A Sagittarius moon is extremely adventurous, having passions to travel all the world, and not be kept constrained by relationships or careers.

A Sagittarius need for change and freedom can make them appear detached and reckless. Their decisions, if not thought thoroughly, can be damaging to themselves and others. A Sagittarius moon has a great energy and a catchy positive attitude; however, they can be quite blunt with others, with no filter. They can state hurtful comments and need to make efforts to acknowledge the feelings of others before going into social situations with their ‘my way or the highway’ attitu

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