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I cook because I hate Netflix

If we break down the nights I like to go out, my favourite thing to do is to have a nice meal.

I started thinking a while ago, why is it always others that treat me with this?

I'd not question twice about a Taco Tuesday, a Burger & Beer deal, or a Sunday Roast. But my meals at home? Thrown on the plate, whatever I had lying around.

I started taking more care of my meals at home. It helped that the entire premise of Netflix drove me crazy - it felt more demanding than my social media feed.

You haven't seen this? Season 2 coming in June! New Netflix December Special!

So, I cook. I plan the meal, I buy all the ingredients, and I put on some music.

Everything I cook is vegan.

A naturopath meeting in 2017 changed my entire future. "You're highly intolerant to dairy. You need to cut this out if you want to be at your best.' Something I wasn't nearly prepared for, cooking and food now became my first priority, uninvited.

I'll write out some of the ingredients to my faves as time goes on. I don't measure and I use questionable methods... so click back at your own discretion!

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