Professional, reliable & trustworthy

House & Petsitting is the most effective, safest way for you to holiday with ease. 

I have housesat for almost 10 years now, on top of working as a Social Media Manager. I have worked across Oceania and Europe. I've looked after a number of different animals, administered medication, and even helped deliver puppies! Housesitting creates some of the most cherished memories I have whilst travelling, and I'd love to help you have a stressfree holiday. By leaving your pets in my care, you prevent the need of overpriced kennels, where the animal can be at risk of stress, fleas or social issues with the other animals. 

What's Included?

  • Pet Care

    • Feeding​

    • Walks

    • Medications

    • Cuddles!

  • Home Care

    • Plant Watering​

    • Car Battery Starts

    • Outdoor Garden Care

  • Safety

    • Mail Collection

    • Physical Presence in the Home

I attempt to recreate the regular life you live whilst you are away, minimising stress with your animals. Before you leave, we ensure we have at least one Facetime conversation to set expectations, arrival is before you leave. Finally, you leave an 'info cheat sheet' upon departure with all important details we have already gone over (just so I don't forget anything!).

You receive frequent communication which we determine before you leave. Daily photo updates, text updates, once a week... whatever will help you feel at ease. 

Upon arrival home, your place is deep cleaned from top to bottom. I always ensure there's food for basic meals (no last minute pizza delivery!) and depending on the length of the stay, I try to cook a welcome home meal. 

For more information, please contact me. Each animal, home and holiday is unique, so each discussion and quote is custom for what is required.