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Events & Promotional

Versatile Experience On and Off the Field!

I bring a wealth of experience in both on-field and off-field event work. Prior to the pandemic, I had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of well-known organisations, and I have successfully transitioned my skills to virtual events. Whether you're looking for top-notch Copywriting or engaging Content & Socials, I've got you covered.

My journey in the event industry began at the age of 23, working at a lively wine bar during a music festival in Auckland, New Zealand. I still recall the thrill of ducking behind the wine fridges when "last calls" were announced, evading enthusiastic groups of festivalgoers!

From there, I swiftly progressed from Coordinator to National Manager as a Staffing Manager in Sydney, Australia. This role not only involved managing Influencers, but also overseeing Brand Ambassadors and Event Professionals. With over 2000 staff members under my guidance, I implemented cost-saving measures and flawlessly executed numerous campaigns. During peak seasons, I single-handedly supervised nearly 300 staff members across the country, working on 13 different client campaigns at any one time. 

Following my pursuit of travel dreams, I dedicated two full years to on-field work in the UK. I had the privilege of collaborating with renowned companies and had the opportunity to explore various parts of the country.

Take a look at some of the notable clients I have worked with below. With my extensive experience and diverse skill set, I am confident in delivering exceptional event solutions tailored to your needs.

Off-Field Clients

Recruitment, Training, Staff Management






City of Sydney

City of Brisbane

Colgate Palmolive

St George Bank

On-Field Clients

Event Manager, Brand Ambassador





M&S Supermarkets

iHeart Radio

Logic Vapes


Santander Bank

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