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Events & Promotional

Experienced in both on-field and off!

Event work is something I have enjoyed considerably before the pandemic hit. I've worked on-field and off-field for a large variety of well-known organizations I've listed below. I've since transferred my skills to virtual events, which you can read more about in either Copywriting or Content & Socials.

I started my event experience at 23, working a dodgy wine bar at a music festival in Auckland, New Zealand. I still remember hiding behind the wine fridges when 'last calls' were shouted, avoiding huge groups of kiwis!

I became a Staffing Manager in Sydney, Australia, growing from Coordinator to National Manager over just two years. It was not only an Influencer Manager position, but included many other Brand Ambassadors and Event Professionals. I managed over 2000 staff members, initiated cost-saving procedures, and executed flawless campaigns. At the busy season, I was solely responsible for almost 300 staff out on the field across the country, over 13 different client campaigns. 

Since leaving Australia to embrace my travel dreams, I have worked full-time on the field in the UK for two years. I have worked with some very notable companies and have had the pleasure of being sent all over the country.

You can see some examples of the clients I have worked with below. 

Off-Field Clients

Recruitment, Training, Staff Management






City of Sydney

City of Brisbane

Colgate Palmolive

St George Bank

On-Field Clients

Event Manager, Brand Ambassador





M&S Supermarkets

iHeart Radio

Logic Vapes


Santander Bank

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