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Hey, I'm Rosie. 


When I was 14, I discovered MySpace. The beauty and wonder of an online world where you really could create an entirely new identity. I immediately began learning how to HTML code and started exploring the endless creativity that the internet gave me, in that tiny little computer room, my desktop fan whirring to keep up. 

Two years later, my school nominated me as their first Myspace Addict, since my weekends were spent photographing, editing, coding and designing feeds for myself and friends around the world. 

At 19, I was designing for a small Stainless Steel reusable bottle company. I sat in that tiny beach office on the Northern Beaches of Australia - sneakily watching YouTube tutorials as my boss challenged me daily for a new product, poster or social media post. 

At 23, I bought a van, visited my family in New Zealand and travelled to and

around my birth country for an entire year.

At 25, all the odd bar and event shifts helped me land a job within Clemengers headquarters in Sydney, Australia. I began working at the Experiential agency Traffik for a few years, in their Staffing department. 

After 3 years, I wanted to go bigger. I left Australia and spent 2 years in the UK, then moving on to a year in Eastern Europe and now, The Netherlands, where I'll be based for a year. 

I have been freelance since leaving the beautiful shores of Australia, working with a variety of clients in service and event-based industries. I provide copywriting, content management and all the things in between. Despite the pandemic, my diverse range of skills has allowed me to continue working remotely for clients all around the world. 

In my spare time I enjoy blogging about my travel adventures and petsitting furry critters from all over. 

Looking forward to meeting you soon! 

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